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Easton, CT, USA

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Italy, May 2007

Belize, May 2006

Backyard Flood, April, 2006


Steve's Birthday, March 2006

Anna's Brother's wedding (also see, Jan, 2005

Holidays, 2005

Napa, August 2005

Laura's Wedding, July 2005

Laura's Shower, June 2005

New House, May 2005

Philadelphia Flower Show, March, 2005

Central Park Gates, February 2005



China, August 2004

Napa, July 2004

Sheryl Crow, June 2004

London, 2004

Germany, December,2003

France, August 2003

Napa, July 2003



London, February 2003

German River Cruise, 2002


Portland Rose Festival